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Zero Emission Building Ordinances Tracker

Track state and local government decarbonization efforts with our Zero Emission Building Ordinances Tracker. View Our Ordinan [...]

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Agricultural Carbon Sequestration for Climate Action Plan

Agricultural chapter of Marin's Climate Actin Plan, highlighting opportunities for carbon sequestration including carbon farm [...]

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Climate Emergency Resolution – Contra Costa

Contra Costa County's resolution declaring climate emergency and response, including an emphasis on social justice and electr [...]

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ZERO Code for California

The ZERO Code for California (ZERO Codeca) is a building energy standard developed by Architecture 2030 that applies to new c [...]

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Energy SOP for Building Design

Energy SOP for Building Design. Energy-Related Plan Review for municipal facility projects. Defines procedures for incorporat [...]

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Municipal Solar Plus Storage Aggregation RFI

RFI for municipal solar plus storage aggregation program. East Bay Clean Energy intends to offer access to aggregated service [...]

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