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Climate Action Plan Excise Tax: Boulder, Colorado

Text of Boulder's Climate Action Excise Tax as extended to 2023 (2015) Supplemental Materials (click to download) History of [...]

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Carbon Offset Ordinance, Proposed: San Luis Obispo

Proposed ordinance and staff report establishing a climate offset program for new mixed-fuel buildings. Explores options to c [...]

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CCA Joint Powers Agreement: East Bay Clean Energy

Database of appliances approved for use in California. Searchable by model number, type, company, brand, and status. DOWNLOAD [...]

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Retrofit and Renovation Model Code for Single Family Residences

Model reach code style ordinance for existing building efficiency and electrification measures upon retrofit or remodel of si [...]

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Reach Code Introduction and Process

Link to BayREN site providing background and development/approval processes for reach codes. BayREN, Fall 2021 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Building Decarbonization Code Overlay for IECC and ASHRAE

The Building Decarbonization Code is a code overlay compatible with the most common energy codes in the US: the International [...]

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