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Building a national groundswell

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BDC's Groundswell initiative creates the conditions for a swift and smooth transition away from fossil fuels for American homes and businesses. By forging atypical alliances, coordinating closely with major industry actors, and advising state policymakers and code officials, the initiative seeks to obtain phaseout commitments from states representing 60% of U.S. natural gas demand.
  • The BDC’s role in new states is one of support, guidance, and capacity building.
  • We help identify key leverage points, milestones, constituencies, messages, and research, but let the organizations who know the state best lead the charge.
  • Convening national industry-driven working groups
  • Building a network of electrification contractors
  • Empowering utilities and their unions with the benefits of utility-scale decarbonization.
  • Engaging in regulatory proceedings in order to effect change.
  • Gather a task force for creating a blueprint of timelines and conditions
  • Share this blueprint with many states who can share best practices or sign on to a collective MOU

Accelerating nationwide momentum

Our National Groundswell team is focused on building an unstoppable national movement, by bringing together key industry stakeholders to influence and coordinate state policy.

Oem Summit

Joint Vision for a Decarbonized Marketplace

For the first time, heat pump manufacturers have come together to speak with one voice about decarbonization. The Building Decarbonization Coalition’s Joint Vision for a Decarbonized Future lays out the industry’s principles for how to grow the electrification marketplace.