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Benefit-Cost Analysis of Targeted Electrification and Gas Decommissioning in California

Energy + Environmental Economics
Develops a benefit-cost analysis framework integrating site-specific estimates of gas infrastructure avoided costs to enable detailed examination of cost-effectiveness for specific example projects
Financing and Incentives, Gas Planning
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Legal Memos

Implications of California Restaurant Association v. City of Berkeley Ninth Circuit Decision

Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger
Summarizes the key findings of the decision, discusses its immediate impact for local governments with similar ordinances, and addresses decarbonization efforts local governments might continue to pursue should the decision remain good law
Building Codes
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BDC Reports

Neighborhood Scale: The Future of Building Decarbonization

This whitepaper posits a framework for scaling up building decarbonization in order to reach our ambitious climate goals
Neighborhood Scale, Thermal Energy Networks (TENs)
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State of Decarbonization: ​​Progress in U.S. Commercial Buildings 2023

U.S. Green Building Council
Discusses the U.S. commercial real estate sector's progress, the current status of data availability, and explores mechanisms and levers available to reduce the carbon emissions of commercial buildings in the U.S.
Building Codes, Real Estate
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Presentation Slides

State Policy Approaches for Gas Stove Pollution

Presents the landscape of potential policy approaches available to state governments to mitigate the negative air quality and health impacts of gas stoves
Cooking/ Electric Kitchens, Health Effects
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Policies, Codes, and Ordinances

Model Ordinance on Proactive Rental Inspection

ChangeLab Solutions
Provides a template on proactive rental inspection to assist localities interested in developing a program
Building Codes, Existing Buildings
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Guidelines for Equitable Community Involvement in Building & Development Projects and Policies

Provides principles, tips, and tactics to bring justice and equity to buildings and development
Equity, Real Estate
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IRA Bonus Mapper (beta)

Maps currently available data and checks if specific locations are eligible for geographically bound climate funding opportunities
Financing and Incentives, Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
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Grid Cost and Total Emissions Reductions Through Mass Deployment of Geothermal Heat Pumps for Building Heating and Cooling Electrification in the United States

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Presents the benefits of a study on the potential grid impacts of national-scale mass deployment of geothermal heat pumps coupled with weatherization in single-family homes including wholesale payments for electric grid services reducing by at least $300 billion through 2050
Efficiency and Building Performance, Electric Technologies
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Environmental Justice/ Environmental Racism

Energy Justice Network
Consolidates resources including key documents, general background on environmental justice and studies documenting environmental racism and classism
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Embodied Carbon Building Code

New Buildings Institute
Introduces code solutions that incorporate prescriptive embodied carbon amendments for nearly 40 products, encompassing widely used and high carbon-emitting building materials
Building Codes, Climate Action and Planning, Embodied Carbon
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Residential Building Electrification in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

NESCAUM and the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC)
Summarizes findings that residential building electrification in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic leads to substantial reductions in criteria pollutant and GHG emissions, with whole home electrification leading to the greatest reduction in fossil fuel consumption
Electrification, Health Effects
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