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Driving the future of electrification

What We Do

Our communities need safer, healthier, and more affordable energy. The Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC) is harnessing the power of coalition to forge paths for effective upgrades that power homes and buildings with clean electricity. We align people, corporations, and politicians at every level to join in building decarbonization and build a sustainable future.

BDC Initiatives

Bringing policymakers, building industry stakeholders, environmental groups, and consumers together to move buildings off fossil fuels.

Switch Is On Switching To Electric

The Switch is On

The Switch Is On campaign provides tools and support for homeowners to electrify their homes and begin a cleaner, healthier way of powering their lives.

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BDC's Groundswell initiative creates the conditions for a swift and smooth transition away from fossil fuels for American homes and businesses.

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We envision a future where all Californians have access to healthy, affordable, and climate-ready homes and buildings powered by clean and renewable energy.

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New York

Our coalition builds a table for a diverse set of stakeholders to come together around a common goal - decarbonizing the built environment in New York State.

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Thermal Energy Networks Building Decarbonization

Thermal Energy Networks

TENs are a neighborhood-scale climate solution that allows entire communities to equitably and efficiently access heating and cooling.

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Neighborhood Scale The Future Of Building Decarbonization

Neighborhood-Scale Building Decarbonization

A neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, and town by town decarbonization strategy.

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Chefluencer Chefs Are Trusted Climate Leaders


Because Chefs hold the keys to our hearts and minds when it comes to the kitchen, their influence on the shift to a fossil fuel free future cannot be understated.

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Raise your profile as a building decarbonization leader

We take an inclusive approach to bringing together communities and organizations with diverse interests for respectful, data-driven discourse on the future of building electrification. When you become a BDC member, you help drive the execution of the nation’s most comprehensive building decarbonization strategies. 

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We are sharing knowledge with curated resources

BDC’s library for policymakers and community planners, Clean Building Compass provides toolkits, research studies, strategies, technical support, and model policies for decarbonizing buildings and creating more sustainable communities.

BDC Reports

Neighborhood Scale: The Future of Building Decarbonization

This whitepaper posits a framework for scaling up building decarbonization in order to reach our ambitious climate goals
Neighborhood Scale, Thermal Energy Networks (TENs)
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BDC Policy Calls/ Resources

Zero Emission Building Ordinances Tracker

Tracks state and local government decarbonization efforts
Building Codes
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BDC Policy Calls/ Resources

BDC Presents

Contains the recordings and summaries of all BDC presents from June 4, 2019 to present
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