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A clean and resilient energy future for Californians

california residential buildings
We envision a future where all Californians have access to healthy, affordable, and climate-ready homes and buildings powered by clean and renewable energy. By decarbonizing California’s building stock, we can ensure a clean and resilient energy future without fossil fuels and pollution. We can improve our indoor and outdoor air quality, the health of Californians, and the future for environmental justice and low-income communities. We strive for a building decarbonization movement that is co-led by communities of color and informed and shaped by the needs and priorities of local communities.
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  • Shaping policy in the world’s 5th largest economy
  • Ensuring that clean & resilient appliances are available to all Californians
  • Harnessing the power of the coalition to push for ambitious but attainable standards
  • Convening policymakers, local governments, utilities, manufacturers, builders, designers, labor groups, environmental groups, and environmental justice organizations
  • Ensuring policies are aligned so that stakeholders have what they need to move as fast as the climate demands

Leading the way to building electrification

As a centralized voice and driving force for building decarbonization, the California initiative convenes diverse stakeholders to electrify the building sector through public policy, consumer inspiration, market transformation, and research.

Neighborhood-scale Decarbonization

SB 527 Equitable Zonal Decarbonization Program (Min) empowers California to plan responsibly by making investments in neighborhood-scale decarbonization that will create energy affordability now and for future generations. We can protect Californians from high utility bills while creating good jobs by reforming an outdated regulatory process and investing in clean energy infrastructure rather than an expensive gas system that the state is transitioning away from.

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Electric appliances deliver comfort, controlled costs, and cleaner air inside and outside your home. Resources created and curated by BDC are available to support members in their electrification journeys.