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Our initiatives are designed to engage with diverse audiences

When it comes to building decarbonization, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. In an effort to reach every corner of the country and the diverse audiences that come with it,  BDC developed a variety of initiatives, each with their own tailored strategy, to best engage with consumers, policymakers, stake-holders and industry.

Switch Is On Switching To Electric

The Switch is On

The Switch Is On campaign provides tools and support for homeowners to electrify their homes and begin a cleaner, healthier way of powering their lives.

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The kitchen electrification initiative is a comprehensive effort to advance mass-scale adoption of all-electric kitchens in both new and existing residential and commercial buildings.

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BDC's Groundswell initiative creates the conditions for a swift and smooth transition away from fossil fuels for American homes and businesses.

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We envision a future where all Californians have access to healthy, affordable, and climate-ready homes and buildings powered by clean and renewable energy.

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New York

Our coalition builds a table for a diverse set of stakeholders to come together around a common goal - decarbonizing the built environment in New York State.

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Explore Our Initiatives In the News

Electric appliances deliver comfort, controlled costs, and cleaner air inside and outside your home. Resources created and curated by BDC are available to support members in their electrification journeys.

BDC resources

The Future of Gas in NYS

Draws on existing research and adds new data and analysis on several key topics, such as costs of the gas distribution system, the fragility of gas utility business models to competition from new electric technologies, the hurdles to substituting fuels like renewable natural gas (RNG) or hydrogen for fossil methane gas, and the benefits and pitfalls of pathways studies and offers a synthesis of these and other factors in a scenario-based discussion of potential approaches to gas distribution system transition
Gas Planning
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Transfer Tax Rebate Program Update: City of Berkeley (9/25/2019)

Efficiency and Building Performance, Incentive Programs
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