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Chefs are trusted climate leaders

Chefluencer Chefs Are Trusted Climate Leaders

Because Chefs hold the keys to our hearts and minds when it comes to the kitchen, their influence on the shift to a fossil fuel free future cannot be understated. The BDC trains chefs not just to cook using induction, but to speak to the benefits, and return to their communities to engage and inspire people with their passion and experience, thus lowering the barrier to an all-electric home.

By mobilizing Chefs as climate leaders, we accelerate the movement to full decarbonization.

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For decades chefs have led the way with the sustainable food movement. Now it’s time to add the kitchen into the farm to table movement. Through our hands-on curriculum, we help professionals across culinary traditions make the connection between their kitchen, their health, and the climate.

There are many kinds of culinary enthusiasts who make great electric kitchen advocates, and all their voices are necessary in the movement towards fossil fuel free buildings. BDC is mobilizing Chefluencers across 3 key groups:

Ambassador Chefluencers:
Ambassador Chefluencers are neighborhood volunteers. They may highlight induction at local events and run simple demonstrations on plug-in hobs. They may also choose to host meal parties highlighting induction and create content for social media.

Community based organization Chefluencers:
This track equips CBOs with best practices for running their own induction experiences and advocating for kitchen (and whole home) electrification.

Professional Chefluencers: 
Ideal Chefluencers are local chefs with ties to their community. As business owners with entrepreneurial acumen, social media savvy, and the bandwidth to implement induction events, their magnetism naturally pulls peers and key people towards the movement to electrify.

Chefluencers are featured at a variety of events, from community gatherings to showroom showcases. Audiences range from builders and contractors, to homeowners and affordable housing residents, to realtors and legislators.

Bringing all-electric kitchens to the masses

BDC’s programs to advance kitchen electrification focus on educating and inspiring consumers, policy makers, and industry trendsetters, providing experiences to showcase key technologies like induction cooking, and expanding the market for all-electric kitchen equipment through inter-industry convening and education.

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