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Become a Chefluencer

Learn induction to elevate your culinary career, empower your community, and help the environment.

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Chefluecers Program

Program overview

If you’re passionate about hospitality, care about your community deeply, and are looking for ways to grow your income, impact, and future in food, you are in the right place. The Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC) is a non-profit organization working to get fossil fuels out of buildings, and we can’t do that if kitchens continue to be powered by gas. The great news is that today’s electric kitchens are more powerful, controllable and sustainable than any gas fueled kitchen. So, we’re working to empower chefs, one of the most trusted voices when it comes to the kitchen, to help spread the word!

We have created a training program for chefs and professionals to become electric-kitchen experts.

  • The Chefluencer Program begins a hybrid 5-week course that is a hands-on, cohort-based experience for culinary professionals looking to grow as a culinary climate leader. Accepted participants will receive a $400 stipend to attend.
  • Pending successful completion of this course, Chefluencers are invited to our growing online community for continued learning, networking, and professional development.

We are building a movement to make all kitchens healthier for the planet and the people who work in them – through electrification. We want to help you ride the electric kitchen wave and inspire others to do the same.

Chefluecers Program

Through this program, you will:

  1. Learn about and play with inspiring, cutting-edge electric kitchen and induction technology
  2. Practice demonstrating and explaining why induction matters
  3. Build your professional network and connect with like-minded colleagues
  4. Become a Chefluencer (with LinkedIn certification), and be added to BDC’s network of professional Chefs
  5. Expand your business offerings to include induction education – so you can position yourself as a leader in the culinary-climate space, including at BDC’s induction events (BDC events are an exciting addition to your current work. Opportunities are based on the needs, locations, and requests of BDC’s members and partners.)

Apply for our May Cohort

For this cohort, we are prioritizing culinary professionals based in Washington State, although all applications will be considered.

How the program works:

Course Length

5 Week

Format: Hybrid

  • 4 hrs online
  • 2 days in-person training
  • Take-home capstone homework project


$400 + travel + lodging provided* by BDC for in-person training

*lodging provided if you are traveling more than an hour away from our training location

Chefluecers Program

This program is a good fit for you if:

  • You are entrepreneurial, looking for a creative way to boost your business offerings
  • You have spent a significant time running your own business and are adept at the operations, administration, and licensing that goes into it (e.g. catering, consultancy, private or personal chef, corporate chef)
  • You want to be a culinary climate leader
  • You want to positively impact your community

Join us to become a culinary sustainability leader and help your community prepare for the future.

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Program at-a-glance:

The program is a five-week hybrid virtual and in-person training conducted in English.

Weeks 1 & 2: Virtual Workshops

We will have 3 virtual modules. We will ask you to complete them before meeting over zoom to discuss (zoom meetings will be approximately 1 hour each).

  • Who is BDC? Why is Kitchen Electrification Important?
  • Induction 101 and Opportunities for Climate Culinary Leadership
  • Optimizing Your Online Presence: How to Make Social Media Work for You

Week 3: In-person Training (required)

This is a two-day training where you’ll learn about induction technology up close and how to educate audiences about induction

  • Location: Advanced Energy Center (Santa Rosa, CA)
    • For those living out of state or in Southern California, BDC will reimburse flights*.
    • For those living more than a 30 minute drive away, BDC will arrange for lodging.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days.
    • Dinner will be provided at the end of the first day.
  • *flights reimbursed up to $350, economy only

Weeks 4 & 5: Capstone Project

We will finish up the training with an at-home induction capstone project you can complete at your own pace over the course of two weeks.

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Your Facilitators:

Chefluencer Chef Rachelle Boucher

Chef Rachelle Boucher

Many years ago, I left art school in Philly to pursue my true passion, leading me through years of often grueling restaurant jobs on the East Coast. These were hard but valuable years.

The lure of California drew me west where I was able to bring my scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit to life finding opportunities as a culinary educator and becoming a top private chef in the SF Bay Area for icons in film, music and sports. I then moved into a more public-facing opportunity as a celebrated corporate chef in the appliance industry where I became a self described “induction cooking super-fan” and advocate for what I call “today’s super-powered, safe and sustainable electric kitchens”. This work quickly garnered more press, media, accolades and opportunities than all of my other work combined!

As the Senior Lead for Culinary Events and Experiences at the Building Decarbonization Coalition, my role as a lead trainer, culinary educator and people enthusiast for our ground-breaking Chefluencer program is truly my greatest adventure yet! Join us!

Chefluencer Jessica Yap

Jessica Yap

As co-creator of the Chefluencer Program, I enjoy creating fun learning experiences that inspire action for a more sustainable, equitable future.

After studying Earth Science and researching climate change and food security at Harvard University, I learned that a lot of environmental education is not relevant to most people’s day-to-day reality. People have rent to pay and mouths to feed. Which is why I’m grateful and excited to be working on climate and electric kitchens.

Kitchens are incredibly relevant to most people – it’s how we feed ourselves. Kitchens also mean a lot to me. As a descendant of the Manong Generation of migrant Filipino farm workers, the intersections of climate, food justice, hospitality, and education have deeply influenced my work.

I’ve also worked extensively with urban farming initiatives and ran a meal prep business. I draw from these experiences to cook up experiences rooted in an ethic of imagination, solidarity, and care. I look forward to connecting and helping to elevate your work as culinary climate leaders!

Chefluencer Marycella Dumlao

Marycella Dumlao

I thrive on creating community. Growing up immersed in Filipino culture and hospitality, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible power of bringing people together over a meal.

My background in diversity, equity, and inclusion, event management, and sustainability has led me to the exciting nexus of food, social justice, and climate change: It’s incredible to witness how food has the transformative power to bridge divides, foster connections, and spur collective progress.

That’s why I am thrilled to extend a warm invitation to join the Chefluencer program. Together, we will explore the intersection of food, technology, and a sustainable future.

Andrea Diaz Building Decarbonization Coalition Team 400x400

Andrea Diaz

Andrea grew up in Honduras and Costa Rica surrounded by a family deeply immersed in conservation and the environment. She later spent eight years in Los Angeles, 10 years in Washington, D.C., and now resides in New York City. Andrea sticks to major city living because of the access to new and innovative cuisines and local grubs. You can find her petting dogs around the city or walking excessively to get her steps in.

Friday Apaliski Building Decarbonization Coalition Team 400x400

Friday Apaliski

Friday is the Director of Communications at BDC. She oversees brand building, public relations, and content creation. Prior to BDC, Friday ran her own consulting business Sustainability Concierge helping people update every aspect of their home life toward sustainability. Previous to that she was the head of marketing at the San Francisco Department of the Environment.Before focusing on the environment, she worked in the advertising industry.


If you’d like to become a culinary climate thought leader, grow your career, and have a positive impact, apply today!

Apply Now

Chosen applicants will be compensated $400. If an applicant lives out of state, travel to the in-person training facility will also be reimbursed. Lodging is also covered for anyone who lives more than a 30 minute drive from the training facility. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for both days of the in-person training. Dinner will be provided on the first night.

Yes, this is an application-based program.

Yes, please share the application with folks who could benefit from this opportunity.

We will announce training program acceptance on a rolling basis.

No! This program is about learning and creating pathways for people to experience induction and elevate their careers. We want to work with chefs who are curious about learning to cook with induction, even if you’re skeptical!

Funding and requests for these events are growing fast. However, opportunities are based on the needs, locations, and requests of our partners and members. Certain themes, cuisine types, and language skills may be specifically requested throughout the year and in various regions.