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Gradient’s Revolutionary Window Heat Pumps

Bdc Presents March 2024 (1)


Mar 28, 2024 10:00 am PDT    


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Dive into the world of cutting-edge HVAC innovation in our upcoming webinar, featuring Gradient’s groundbreaking All-Weather 120V window heat pump, slated for release later this year. This session, hosted by Jason Wexler, Gradient’s SVP of Policy and Technology, will explore the fusion of mini-split efficiency and window AC convenience embodied in their latest offering. Discover how this pioneering product, designed for 30-minute installation without the need for specialized tools or costly building modifications, connects seamlessly to standard electrical outlets and boasts a pre-charged refrigerant circuit. Learn about the rollout of 10,000 units in partnership with the New York City Housing Authority as part of the Clean Heat for All Challenge, a testament to the product’s transformative potential in urban retrofitting. Gain insights into their efforts to adapt heat pump incentives to accommodate this new product type, marking a significant leap forward in building decarbonization efforts.