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Fossil Fuel Free Cooking

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The kitchen electrification initiative is a comprehensive effort to advance mass-scale adoption of all-electric kitchens in both new and existing residential and commercial buildings. The initiative works to increase consumer understanding and awareness, support market movers, and make electrifying kitchens a realistic, accessible, and equitable pathway for every business and household... The initiative connects consumers and industry leaders to the resources they need to electrify their kitchens. All-electric kitchens create a safer, more efficient cooking experience that eliminates exposure to toxic air pollutants caused by cooking with gas, and protects communities who are most vulnerable.
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  • We’re educating consumers and industry with easy-to-understand and accessible materials that compile the most relevant and important information on topics related to kitchen electrification.
  • By combining electrification expertise with the culinary prowess of our in-house chef, we create magical in-person and virtual experiences that showcase the best of what today’s all-electric kitchens have to offer.
  • Education, marketing, policy tracking and translation, and coalition support to key market stakeholder audiences.
  • We offer kitchen electrification training for consumer-facing industries, including appliance sales, manufacturing, real estate, design, and more.
  • We’ve built a growing network of culinary professionals who love working in all-electric kitchens. Our network seeks to educate their peers and bring more professional chefs into this movement. 

Moving the market to bring all-electric kitchens to the masses

BDC’s programs to advance kitchen electrification focus on educating and inspiring consumers through our Switch Is On campaign, providing experiences to showcase key technologies like induction cooking, and expanding the market for all-electric kitchen equipment through inter-industry convening and education. 

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Electric appliances deliver comfort, controlled costs, and cleaner air inside and outside your home. Resources created and curated by BDC are available to support members in their electrification journeys.