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CEC Appliance Database

Database of appliances approved for use in California. Searchable by model number, type, company, brand, and status. DOWNLOAD [...]

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Building Decarbonization Design Practice Guide

The Building Decarbonization Practice Guide is a free resource for design professionals, developers, funders, and policymaker [...]

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Resilient & Climate Adaptive Design: 8 best practices

A high level list of considerations for architects and design team members is found in The Fundamentals of Resilient & Cl [...]

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Residential Pool Heat Pump Design Strategies

A design and resources guide for pool heating design with heat pumps. This technical guidance is directed at pool contractors [...]

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Central Heat Pump Water Heater resources

Video resources on central heat pump water heaters: A training by Ecotope on their lessons learned from 10 years and nearly a [...]

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Resource Guide for Reducing Energy Use and Carbon Emissions from Municipal Buildings

This resource guide describes approaches jurisdictions can take to reduce energy use and carbon emissions from municipal buil [...]

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