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Healthier Holiday: a cooking guide

Healthier Holliday: Minimizing the health risks of cooking with gas is a brief guide that outlines some of the risks associat [...]

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Project Drawdown: Climate Solutions

This robust list of climate solutions by sector, which they call the Drawdown Framework, shows potential impact of those solu [...]

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Consider Going All-Electric For Your ADU

Article promoting all-electric ADUs. Accessory Dwelling, May 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW  

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Contractor Referrals for Residential Energy Upgrades: BayREN

Link to BayREN website providing contractor referrals for residential energy upgrades. BayREN, May 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Benefits of an All-Electric Lifestyle: San Jose

Flyer presenting benefits of all-electric residences. City of San Jose, May 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Induction Cooking Factsheet

Factsheet for consumers on the benefits of inductive ranges/ stovetops. Ecology Center, September 2019 DOWNLOAD NOW

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