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Upgrading Manufactured Homes

Topic Briefs: Upgrading Manufactured Homes contains three topic briefs primarily designed for use by states and utilities. It [...]

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The Future is Electric: How the Average New Jersey Household Can Save By Electrifying (Part 2)

This follow up to the Future of Electric: Helping New Jersey Live in Cleaner, Healthier and More Affordable Homes analyzes th [...]

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The Future of California Consumer Energy Finance

This policy brief identifies financing strategies in California that encourage decarbonization such as GoGreen Financing, how [...]

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Community Choice Aggregation: LEAN

Link to LEAN, an organization dedicated to the accelerated expansion and competitive success of clean energy community choice [...]

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Medical Resolution Regarding Dangers of Gas Stove Use

Resolution from the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) informing physicians, health care providers, and the public that Cook [...]

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Building Electrification Primer for City-Utility Coordination

A detailed building electrification primer in presentation form starting with the basics of building electrification and divi [...]

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