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Central Heat Pump Water Heater resources

Electric Technologies

Video resources on central heat pump water heaters:

  1. training by Ecotope on their lessons learned from 10 years and nearly a 100 central heat pump systems
  2. Data from Redwood Energy's EPIC funded field study of 4 ZNE-effort apt complexes, three with central HPWHs, one with individual tanks set for thermal storage.
  3. A presentation by Transom on how to design for 180F boiler temperatures with heat pumps  
  4. A Redwood Energy presentation on how to model central HPWHs in the current CBECC-RES software (2019 Code) for low-rise buildings
  5. A national study of construction costs of central HPWH vs. central gas boilers by RMI and Redwood Energy
  6. A training in how to design the least costly central heat pump water heater system
  7. training by Colmac, the nation's leading manufacturer of central HPWHs

Compiled by Redwood Energy, July 2021.

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