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November 9, 2022:  Zonal    Electrification w/ PGE

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New! Summary of the event

Check out the conversation with Rachel Kuykendall from PG&E’s Decarbonization Strategies team to learn how electrification fits into PG&E’s long-term strategy, how PG&E is working to identify “zones” that are ripe for building decarbonization, and hear more about the largest zonal electrification project proposed to date—600 homes at CSU Monterey Bay.

Some questions we will consider:

  • How can a gas utility contribute meaningfully to the state’s decarbonization goals?
  • How has PG&E’s perspective on electrification shifted over the years?
  • How scalable are zonal electrification projects like CSU Monterey Bay?


September 14, 2022: The IRA with Nate Kinsey

The Inflation Reduction Act represents the largest influx of interest and investment in building decarbonization to date. Join us for a discussion with Nate Kinsey about its critically important implementation and the principles required on our collective path to success.

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July 20, 2022: Utility Rate Design 101

What’s the most powerful policy tool for building electrification that you’ve never heard of? Utility rate design! Or maybe you have heard about it, but have no idea how you can leverage the tool to make it easier and more affordable for your customers to electrify? Now is your chance to get all your questions answered. This BDC Lunch 'N Learn focuses on the basic process and elements of how utility rates are designed. Learn about how progressive rates are leading to bill savings after electrification today, and what more needs to be done to ensure all customers—especially those with lower incomes—are part of the electrification revolution.

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May 18, 2022: Dutch Natural Gas Phase Out

This webinar focuses on the Dutch transition from natural gas-based heat towards carbon-free heating by 2050. The use of natural gas in the built environment is still predominant in the Netherlands, but this needs to change in order to meet the climate goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. In a recent briefing, CE Delft outlined the main policies underlying the Dutch heating transition, with the aim of providing examples to other jurisdictions working towards carbon-free heating.

CE Delft’s briefing on the natural gas phase-out in the Netherlands is available here:

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April 20, 2022: Passive House Research Results: Benefits & Impacts

This discussion highlights initial research on the potential benefits of the "Passive House" (PH) energy efficiency performance standard to the grid. It provides examples of successful PH efforts in the U.S. and other countries, including policy development, code establishment, and market transformation. It will also highlight ongoing research to quantify potential PH electric grid impacts in California.

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March 30, 2022: Turn up the Heat (pump) & Lower Your Bills with Xerohome

"Will an upgrade to a heat pump result in a lower utility bill for my house? March's Lunch 'N Learn examines a reasonable question that a homeowner needs to have an answer for before we can expect them to invest in an electrification upgrade for their home. Till now, the only way to answer this question has been with a home energy audit. Unfortunately, that solution is expensive, requires time and training, and cannot be scaled fast enough to meet our carbon targets in the next decade. XeroHome is a cloud-based, building energy modeling (BEM) software platform that makes easy-to-understand, accurate and customizable analysis available online for individual homes. Founder and CEO Mudit Saxena presents the XeroHome platform, discuss the journey so far, and provide a perspective on what we need to meet the challenge of large-scale electrification in existing homes.

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February 9, 2022: CA Governor Newsom's January Budget: Proposed Funding for Building Decarbonization

Our February Lunch N’ Learn forum focuses on Governor Newsom's proposed Budget for FY 22-23. Kayla Robinson from Environmental & Energy Consulting joins us to discuss California's budget process, details on the current funding proposed for building decarbonization, and what stakeholders can expect between now and the final budget release in Summer 2022.

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December 15, 2021: Cooling Down Extreme Heat!

Axum Teferra of Climate Works brings her decade of experience in climate and energy policy to share with us more about the mission of the Clean Cooling Collaborative, a global initiative working to make Net-Zero Cooling accessible to all.

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October 20, 2021: Can Our Grid Handle the Heat?

Our October ‘Lunch N’ Learn,’ forum examines effective strategies and solutions for ensuring the resiliency of our electric grid during an era of extreme climate change. Guillermo Alderete from the CAISO joins us to discuss managing the California Grid during extreme heat events, the CAISO's views on building electrification and the future of the grid and how electrification can help stabilize it.

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