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Composition, Emissions, and Air Quality Impacts of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Unburned Natural Gas from Residential Stoves in California

The natural gas piped into millions of California homes for heating and cooking contains elevated levels of carcinogens and h [...]

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Nourishing Our Net Zero Future With Induction Cooking

Slides from a course for designers covering the culinary benefits of induction appliances, the wellness, safety and environme [...]

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Induction Cooking Factsheet

Factsheet for consumers on the benefits of inductive ranges/ stovetops. Ecology Center, September 2019 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Residential Cooktop Performance and Energy Comparison Study

This technical study compares the performance and energy use profiles of residential cooktops, both gas and electric. Frontie [...]

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All Electric Commercial Kitchens Slide Deck

Detailed slide deck with case studies on all-electric commercial kitchens. EHDD, May 31, 2019 DOWNLOAD NOW

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