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2022 Reach Code Implementation Resources

  Click the link below to find 2022 Reach Code Implementation Checklists for single family, multifamily, and nonresident [...]

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BayREN Energy Code Permit Guides

Energy Code Permit Guides developed by the BayREN Codes & Standards Program to help local enforcing agencies streamline e [...]

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Storage Permitting Guidelines

Link to permitting guidelines for battery storage systems. BayREN, May 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Program: San Jose

Rebate application form for heat pump water heater conversion incentives. The program offers higher incentives for qualified [...]

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Reach Code Requirements and Checklists for Applicants

Summary of reach code requirements for new construction. Intended for applicants. Supplemental Materials (click to download) [...]

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Reach Code Application Checklist: New Nonresidential Buildings

Application checklist for nonresidential new construction subject to local reach codes. Supplemental Material (click to downl [...]

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