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New York Policy Updates

New York Policy Updates

Sky view of New York City

March 2023:

Save the Date

How New York State can use Thermal Energy Networks to Cut Pollution from Buildings and Create Jobs

UpgradeNY hosted a panel discussion yesterday that included topics such as :

  • What thermal energy networks are
  • A vision for State facilities with no on-site emissions by 2040
  • How we can create an equitable pipeline for union careers
  • How the University at Albany is deploying this technology

You can watch the recording here

April 26-27: NY GEO Conference

April 25-26: Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute Summit 


The NYS Legislature held joint budget hearings from February 6 – March 1, 2023. One house budgets are expected from both the NYS Senate and Assembly in mid-March, so budget advocacy and negotiations are in full swing. 

Public Service Commission (PSC)

New York Joint Local Distribution Companies’ (JLDCs) held their Stakeholder Scoping Meeting on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The meeting’s purpose was to engage with interested stakeholders in a scoping process for the development of a proposal for a GHG Emissions Reduction Pathways Study. 

February 2023:


The Building Decarbonization Coalition, along with labor unions, climate justice, and environmental partners, launched Upgrade NY. The collaboration is calling for:

  • The State to immediately fund the construction of shovel-ready thermal energy networks to decarbonize state-owned facilities.
  • The State to develop plans to fully decarbonize 15 of their highest emitting facilities through the construction of thermal energy networks or other large-scale electrification projects. These projects must be shovel-ready by 2025 and achieve at least a 30% reduction of on-site emissions from the state-owned buildings portfolio.
  • Reduction of on-site emissions by at least 30% from the state facilities portfolio by 2025; 50% by 2030; 75% by 2035; and 100% of state facilities must be fully decarbonized by 2040. 
  • The work to be coupled with labor standards, including prioritized recruitment and support of local workers in disadvantaged communities. 

WE ACT’s Out of Gas, In with Justice study found that simply by removing a gas stove from a home and replacing it with an induction stove, daily nitrogen dioxide concentrations dropped by 35% when controlling for temperature and apartment-level factors.

Governor’s Office

On January 10, Governor Kathy Hochul delivered her State of the State address, which included a commitment to all-electric new construction, as well as an economy-wide cap and invest program. Additional climate proposals can be found here

On February 1, Governor Hochul released her budget, which included a zero-emissions new construction proposal and a cap and invest program.

Climate Action Council (CAC)

The Climate Action Council voted to adopt the Scoping Plan in December 2022.

On January 19, the NY Senate held a joint public hearing to examine the legislative and budgetary actions necessary to implement the Climate Action Council Final Scoping Plan.

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)

NY’s Carbon Neutral Buildings Roadmap was Released in December 2022.

Public Service Commission (PSC)

SAVE THE DATE: The Public Service Commission Session, February 16th.