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State-Level Building Electrification Factsheets

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Leaks from gas stoves can create potentially hazardous indoor benzene concentrations

The natural gas piped into millions of California homes for heating and cooking contains elevated levels of carcinogens and h [...]

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Health Burden of Energy

A Harvard study showing health impacts associated with energy generation over the last decade. Results by state in this map b [...]

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Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution

Detailed report on the effects of gas cooking with policy recommendations. RMI, May 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Weatherization and Home Improvements: A Promising Path for Improving Health and Reducing Medical Costs for Older Adults: ACEEE

ACEEE paper that compiles studies demonstrating health benefits of weatherization programs for older residents. ACEEE, April, [...]

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Effects of Residential Gas Appliances on Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality and Public Health in California

This report contributes to a growing body of research quantifying the air quality and health impacts from the use of gas appl [...]

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