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Energy/Water Nexus Measure Factsheet

Factsheet summarizing energy/water measures contained in the cost-effectiveness study and model ordinance. California Energy [...]

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A Journalist’s Guide to Building Electrification in California

A Journalist's Guide to Building Electrification in California. Why California Cities are Moving Toward Zero Emission Buildin [...]

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Reach Code, ZEB, Local Government Talking Points

Learn some fast facts about electrification and local government reach codes that encourage or require building all-electric. [...]

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Reach Code Readiness Checklist

A checklist of steps required for a local government to take on a reach code or electrification ordinance. NRDC, Building Dec [...]

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Power Purchase Agreement Checklist for State and Local Governments: NREL

This fact sheet provides information and guidance on the solar photovoltaic (PV) power purchase agreement (PPA), which is a f [...]

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Induction Cooking Factsheet

Factsheet for consumers on the benefits of inductive ranges/ stovetops. Ecology Center, September 2019 DOWNLOAD NOW

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