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Zero Emission Building Ordinances Tracker

Track state and local government decarbonization efforts with our Zero Emission Building Ordinances Tracker. View Our Ordinan [...]

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Summary of Zero Emission Building Ordinances in California

Link to Sierra Club newsletter summarizing local ordinances limiting natural gas in buildings. Sierra Club DOWNLOAD NOW

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Reach Code Introduction and Process

Link to BayREN site providing background and development/approval processes for reach codes. BayREN, Fall 2021 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Building Decarbonization Code Overlay for IECC and ASHRAE

The Building Decarbonization Code is a code overlay compatible with the most common energy codes in the US: the International [...]

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Cost-Effectiveness Study: Existing Single Family Residential Building Upgrades

The primary objective of the evaluation is to identify cost-effective energy upgrade measures and packages for existing singl [...]

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Cost-Effectiveness Explorer

This tool allows you to dive into the cost-effectiveness findings relevant to your City or County. California Energy Codes an [...]

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