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State-Level Building Electrification Factsheets

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10 Steps to a Zero Carbon City

A consolidated list of measures for cities to move toward a Zero Carbon future. Menlo Spark, 2019.

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Resilient & Climate Adaptive Design: 8 best practices

A high level list of considerations for architects and design team members is found in The Fundamentals of Resilient & Cl [...]

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Home Electrification Across the U.S.

Download the full report, "Bringing Infrastructure Home: A 50-State Report on U.S. Home Electrification", or scroll down to d [...]

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Energy bill security for American households through electrification

This paper breaks down anticipated energy prices by region and fuel source. Building off data from the Energy Information Adm [...]

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Healthier Holiday: a cooking guide

Healthier Holliday: Minimizing the health risks of cooking with gas is a brief guide that outlines some of the risks associat [...]

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