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Benchmarking, Disclosure and Audit Ordinance: Berkeley

Existing Berkeley benchmarking ordinance and staff report that includes single-family residential buildings at point of sale [...]

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Resale Inspection Brochure

Text of Davis's resale ordinance. Requires code-compliance inspections upon sale. Sellers of residential properties must disc [...]

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Property Transfer Tax Solar Rebate Program: San Francisco

Application form for San Francisco's property transfer tax rebate for solar installations. Text of municipal code (Sec. 1105) [...]

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A Model of Collaborative Solar Purchasing: The Alameda County Regional Renewable Energy Procurement Project

Case study of the Alameda County aggregated solar procurement project. CleanEnergy State Alliance, May 2014 DOWNLOAD NOW

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Local Government Energy Efficiency Resources: Project Procurement

Guidance on public procurement process for energy improvements, including information on non-competitive solicitations, as au [...]

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Residential Energy and Water Conservation Ordinance: San Francisco

Text of San Francisco ordinance requiring residential buildings/units to comply with basic energy efficiency measures at poin [...]

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