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Community Concerns, Employment Impacts, and Opportunities: LA Building Decarbonization

A Los Angeles-specific review of the economic impact of building decarbonization, the Los Angeles Building Decarbonization: C [...]

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Canada’s Climate Retrofit Mission: Why the climate emergency demands an innovation-oriented policy for building retrofits

A report quantifying and comparing the cost, retrofit models, and innovative policy opportunities of two potential timelines [...]

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2021 Governors’ Climate Resilience Playbook

12 Steps to building state-level resilience, complete with step-by-step ideas and case studies for policymakers. U.S. Climate [...]

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Multifamily Guidance for Building Decision-Makers

This Playbook provides resources and recommendations for engaging with multifamily decision-makers in order to advance buildi [...]

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Equitable Building Electrification

The Equitable Building Electrification Framework explains the steps the state must take to ensure that electrification helps [...]

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Energy Policy Simulator

The Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is an open-source model for estimating the environmental, economic, and human health impact [...]

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