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Home Electrification Across the U.S.

Download the full report, "Bringing Infrastructure Home: A 50-State Report on U.S. Home Electrification", or scroll down to d [...]

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Global Carbon Budget

This website provides detailed histograms of carbon emissions by country and by energy over the last several decades. Carbon [...]

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Energy bill security for American households through electrification

This paper breaks down anticipated energy prices by region and fuel source. Building off data from the Energy Information Adm [...]

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Electrification Impact on the U.S. Electric Grid

The results of a multiyear research project, the Electrification Futures Study: Operational Analysis of U.S. Power Systems wi [...]

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Leading with Equity and Justice in the Clean Energy Transition: Getting to the Starting Line for Residential Building Electrification

This paper reviews historical and current injustices within housing and community development in the United States, with a fo [...]

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National Building Decarbonization Roadmap

The Roadmap outlines the key and supporting actions states can take, for both new construction and existing buildings. While [...]

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