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Climate-Friendly Buildings: A New Construction Guide to Support Santa Monica’s Energy Reach Code

This guide supports compliance with the Santa Monica Energy Reach Code by providing guidance for meeting all of the Reach Cod [...]

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Multifamily Guidance for Building Decision-Makers

This Playbook provides resources and recommendations for engaging with multifamily decision-makers in order to advance buildi [...]

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From Foundation To Ceiling A Handbook for Green and Livable ADUs

This handbook provides homeowner builders, contractors, and public officials with key information and resources that explain [...]

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A Pocket Guide to All-Electric Retrofits of Single-Family Homes

This booklet is intended to be a simple “how-to” guide to help homeowners, home renters, utilities and policy makers who want [...]

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Equity and Buildings: A Practical Framework for Local Government Decision Makers

By pulling together guidance and resources into the first buildings and equity framework, this document is intended to provid [...]

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Best Practices Guide for Streamlining Electrification Permitting

This Best Practices Guide looks at ways to simplify and streamline permits for projects which, in whole or in part, are insta [...]

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