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Summary of Zero Emission Building Ordinances in California

Link to Sierra Club newsletter summarizing local ordinances limiting natural gas in buildings. Sierra Club DOWNLOAD NOW

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CEC Appliance Database

Database of appliances approved for use in California. Searchable by model number, type, company, brand, and status. DOWNLOAD [...]

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Solar Aggregation: SunShares

Link to SunShares,an annual, limited-time program that offers discounts on residential solar and EV's. The goal of SunShares [...]

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Bay Area Energy Atlas

Bay Area Regional Energy Network's Energy Atlas provides mapped data on existing buildings in the 9 counties of the San Franc [...]

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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Resources

This page is a collection of resources to help you understand the rules and codes that apply when building an ADU in Californ [...]

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Carbon Free Cities and States: RMI

Link to RMI website with policy recommendations for cities. Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), May 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW

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