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The Future of Gas in NYS

  This report aims to assist the Commission and other stakeholders at this critical, early moment in gas distribution sy [...]

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Innovation Acceleration

  Innovation Acceleration: How building decarbonization has transformed the U.S. building sector in just four years tell [...]

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Leveraging the IRA

Transforming the Market for Equitable Building Decarbonization. This paper provides 14 recommendations to maximize the effect [...]

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Stakeholder Assessment of All-Electric Residential New Construction

The residential new construction (RNC) market sector offers a significant opportunity for electrification through the design [...]

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Panel Upgrade Report

An electric service panel (also known as a “breaker box” or “breaker panel”) tends to be out of sight, out of mind for the av [...]

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ZNE Schools: Financial Rationale

The Financial Case for Net-Zero Energy Schools highlights the economic and social impacts of energy investments for school re [...]

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